Industry is an influential branch of economy where thousands of individuals have jobs.

This piece of writing will focus on industry and its location in cities and countries. Industry is an influential branch of economy where thousands of individuals have jobs. Nevertheless, it is very influential to select a perfect place to not bother people in their everyday life and do not harm them. The reasons were elementary while making original places for industries – named unusual trade and industry regions.



The unusual trade and industry regions are located mainly in the suburbs of large cities or agglomerations. In this area is able to be run even the most unsafe productions and no one will suffer from the noise, poisoned air and non-stop driving lorries.

Special economic zones– named in short SSE are situated international. You can see them in China, Indie, Iran, Jordanian, Poland, Russia and more. Moreover, the unusual zones are created in countries which are poor as well as wealthy. The regions are able to bring profits to the state and establish plenty new work areas.

Every company and its place have its benefit and disadvantages. There will be presented some drawback and good points of running industry in a unusual economic region.

Some advantages of being a member of special economic zone are:– Bussinesses do not have to pay any sorts of taxes- The place of the specialregions, is in very suitable areas, near to motorways and includes large – – parking space- In case of emergency and good prosperity of the unusualzone, local authorities are able to offer their help

The drawbacks of having company in the SSE are:– The company should be run from three to 5 years in the SSE- it is able to be difficult in times of crisis to run the business and do not run up a debt.- You have to pay rent for the area you use – in crisis it is able to be a big minus for your industry.

SSE is not suitable for all companies. Several bussinesses cannot be run here. Unusual trade and industry regions were a fantastic discovery because individuals need those types of manufacturing and they do not want to posses them near their neighborhoods. The described zones are perfect for huge companies which would like to be more powerful and would like to produce more.