Be innovative – make an unusual construction

On the world there are plenty unusual locations which aim is to amaze people and make them to think about design and challenges in constructing.
People get accustomed to simplified solutions which are used while creating process. The homes where individuals live are generally consisting of 4 straight walls and roof which is sometimes sloping.

big building

Autor: Franklin Heijnen
Nonetheless, the architecture is something more than simplified and monotonous solutions. Here are technical construction which aim is to provide something original and out of ordinary.

What is the technical construction?
It is a building which is devoted to people but it is not a location where men and ladies can live here or visit longer. Technical buildings are typically:

• Bistros – a good example can be the Berlin television tower – the tower is applied to keep sending aerial equipment, but there is also a restaurant at the top of it and the observatory place.
• Shopping centers – it is another example of application of the technical buildings. Numerous shopping companies create their buildings to attract people’s attention and motivate them to go to the shopping mall. Several instances of uncommon buildings which are shopping centers are the Basket building in Ohio, the United States. The shopping centre appears like the big, yellow shopping container.


Autor: Travis Wise
• Galleries – in today’s globe not numerous people enjoy to go to galleries because they take into account them to be boring and ugly. However, some of the museums are truly worth seeing and what is more, their properties even attract the attention. A good example can be the Louvre entry which is in a form of pyramid.
• Cinemas – in the twenty-first century, the cinemas are also element of worldwide problems. When individuals do not have funds, they commonly miss the fun and that is why the society is in bad situation. To improve this position, the new theatres are created to be unique and encourage to come and see the construction from indoors, for instance while theatres show. A good illustration can be a cinema in Mumbai which appears like golden egg.