Flat’s renovation doesn’t have to be expensive

When we’re landlords of apartment and we are living in there for very long period of time, sometimes we need to invest cash for renoVATion. Right now the most popular procedure is insulation, we could try many of materials that are helping us to safe interior from cooling.

silicone render

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When You want to cut the heating expendITures without wasting a fortune You better fallow couple of rules.
At start if You got vintage, wooden windows You have to replace that with PCV ones, which are a lot more modern. It is not very huge cost nowadays, cause You may choose between plenty of brands. Next relevant aspect is to protect the wall using silicone render, that’s filling any of plenty holes You could have within the walls. Because old houses made of bricks are porous after couple decade. If You are living on the highest floor don’t forget also to protect the roof, only replace old tiles with new ones.
Of course it looks like plenty of expenditures, however You can divide it on couple parts. First change the windows,it’s the most relevant task. With new ones You will safe almost fifty % hot air inside the room. Silicone render isn’t big expenditure, but it need to arrange qualified group of workers, cause it is hard to install it, mostly if You don’t have any experience. Finest laborers You can localize online, everybody has webpage nowadays. Before You hire someone read recommendations of past clients, it could be very helpful. The biggest case is the roof, but it need to be finished eventually.

Insulation is very important part of renovation, especially in older houses. If You invest some money into few tasks You will have a chance to save the same amount of money on heating bills.