Older cars in the fresh styles conquer the market. A few sentences about the nowadays trends.

On the secondary market it is tought to that much popular machine as the BMW E36. Unfortunately, greatly hard is to purchase model manufactured in the 90s. The 3-generation Series in a good and original condition. Reviewing hundreds of advertisements, you can fastly become dishearten, cause a lot of vehicles are very used, you will notice a mark non-professional repairs are sometimes tuned (not necessarily with good taste), and a huge portion of the gasoline type has gas modification, that is standard resulted in longer motor to the bad condition.

Expensive car

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Fresh versions are equipped with BMW apps that continuously watch the condition of the vehicle. It is important that also in affordable way to transfer that information to the driver. Here are a lot of ways of communication. Badly good answer is nbt retrofit, which clearly can be seen the information on the screen. Only a few years a greater share of imported machines are damaged vehicles, but their defect, in turn, are truly high mileage – a way bigger than the one currently showing on the counters! When you want to buy a fine threesome with a greatful engine, we should gather at least 10 thousand PLN and be patient. Looking for safed copy may take many weeks, during which happens to a couple of annoying visits to the sellers, which believe that the 15-year-old auto in perfect condition is one which fires and could go on their own, have a small thing as this, that each of the body parts wearing kilos of putty, must be for them negligible detail. Besides issues of serviceableness among BMW apps have also a few that can to please the trip. Music players or maps allow you to have fun of the trip and not be scared about the troubles on the road. All that could be monitored by the NBT retrofit.


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Unfortunately, in terms of durability it cannot be so highly valued. First of all, users and experts focus attention to two important problems. They concern software parts: power and refrigeration. The most common diseases that first is the failure of the injection pump. When the pump requires only seals the repair value shouldn’t exceed thousand zlotys, the total regeneration will constantly be greatly more costly (the buying of a new pump will cost 5460 PLN). To sum up – Although moments passes fastly, the BMW 3 Series E36 constantly is greatly popular in the second-hand market.