Some drawbacks of fast technological advancement and how to deal with them

Nowadays people tend to live in a world overflowing with wide range of appliances. The innovations that are indeed impressive are being built in front of our eyes.


Autor: Cajsa Lilliehook
Some things become widely desirable – there are situations that nearly everyone wills to buy some specific gadget.
It is difficult to picture the way all these things around are produced – which solution is used where. In modern ventures the elaborate machines like cars are put together from their elements to the resulting form in only several hours. Robotisation is a crucial aspect. Due to that, manufacturing can be finalized quickly and more efficiently.

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Some people think how it is translated into quality. A lot of production ventures care about it and they run thorough quality tests on many production steps. For chosen solutions, for example health service appliances, the high quality is a significant requirement which determines if the device will be approved for usage or not. Nevertheless, the excess of all the items and the fact that we live in a consumption society cause side-production of a lot of litter. The popularity of plastic bags, wrappings and other things rises the contamination of the environment. The knowledge about this can mitigate it and persuade the society to activities like recycling or buying more eco-friendly products.

Fortunately, people gradually learn more about the hazards for our planet.

It raises a possibility that our environment is not so endangered. The technological progress is a fact that cannot be prevented, but it should be realized with the compliance of strict rules.