You wouldn’t believe what car gadget I found!

I have a driving licence for ages. I love driving and I have always believed that I know it all about new trends in the area cars. Long time ago I have watched a document about a reverse camera. Sadly, I wasn’t really interested in this subject back then. It is one of those moments when you look back and you totally don’t get yourself – how could I hear about those cameras and ignore this?


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A few years passed by and I had another chance to become familiar with these type of camera.

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I was driving with my colleague when I saw that he uses oem bmw reverse camera. Happily, this time I become interested about it. I started to throw questions so he started to tell me about his experience with reverse camera. It is extremely popular. Many people have such camera in their cars. I believe that in a few years it is going to be a standard in every car. I am conviced that because of two reasons I am going to describe very shortly in the article below.

To begin with, it increases safety. But not just yours – also passengers and pedestrians. Because of this kind of camera you could drive safer. The camera I have seen was bmw rear view camera retrofit. I was able to see by myself how greatly such camera supports task of standard car mirrors. As a result of that, driver can see every object behind his car. It enables to completely eliminate a blind area. I believe that every driver knows why it makes driving so much safer when we don’t have to deal with blind area anymore.

What is more, I was observing my friend using rear view camera during reversing his car into a parking place. He seemd to be so much more comfortable than driver relying just on standard mirrors. However, the reason pretty obvious – as I did mentioned above – there is no need to worry blind area anymore.


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In consequence, I would significantly encourage you to go and see how these cameras work. I am conviced that reading about it is not very convincing. Nevertheless, after seeing how much more convenient it is to reverse a car to a parking space with a rear view camera, you would like to have it in a car too. I am sure that 1 of your colleagues will be happy to present you how their camera functions.
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