Do you really connect outsourcing with merely basic services? You are wrong

The term “outsourcing” is becoming more and more attractive. You can hear this practically everywhere – on both private and formal business meetings, on various conferences etc. I am sure that many people actually know what outsourcing is.


Surely, not all of them. Probably, many you can also say that it allows to transfer various activities to a third company. Thanks to that, it is possible to pay bigger focus and to concentrate more on the core business.
Nonetheless, I have an impression that most people associate outsourcing mainly with rather basic activities. E.g., when they think about outsourcing they frequently think about rather simple IT services which allows using IT professionals just when there is some type of IT problem, instead of hiring these proffessionals in the company constantly as standard employees. I gotta admit that this kind of understanding may be really misleading. Not only because outsourcing could offer so a lot more than solely enabling to avoid hiring employees directly. This also enables you to get an access to specialists that you will never afford to have otherwise. But it is not the field I would like to focus in this really brief article. There are many others articles about positive and negative sides of using outsourcing.

In this article I would like to present that outsourcing is so much more than only simple IT services. I believe it started from that level earlier. But as that field grows, outsourcing companies started to be highly specialized in particular fields of activities. For instance, if your firm needs to do a android development works, it is possible to use outsourcing for that area- . However, as that process is rather complex, in such case we would rather refer to it as managed services- check link. It still can be considered as some kind of outsourcing. However, it is far more compelx. Why? Because as I already mentioned, standard outsourcing is very repeatedly associated with smaller cost and potential savings.

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Managed services go far beyond these aspects.

Managed services includes plenty, quite complex services at the same time, for instance also these connected with managing the project. As a result of this, you could have highly educated as well experienced professionals working on developing and implementing complex project for your company.