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New technologies in our world – possibilities and problems – mobiles.

Prepared by: Maurizio Pesce
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In these days we have a market of incredibly fast growing technologies, especially mobile phones and personal computers. This area is the greatest business activity to wach.

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A New way of design bicycles – ideas, artists, the Global Web.

Prepared by: ...some guy
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Modern technologies and social networks can help people find and make their own vehicles and other devices. The Global Web contain a large number of handy information using which a simple computer user may make something interesting or find a right person who desingn what he or she wants.

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It doesn't matter what they say - men and women are very similar!

We all heard that Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. Frequently it is not difficult to assume that men and women are so entirely unlike. Women regularly complain that their husbands never pay attention to what they say. Men usually repeat that women are too complicated that they would never manage to understand their logic.

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Advantages of the outsourcing organisations in the transportation area in the European countries

Prepared by: QSC AG
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Outsourcing is a very popular method of lower corporation’s costs. Corporations from this area are specialized in one way of activity and they are searching clients who need their services. Today we have got many different outsourcing corporations. There are IT outsourcing companies, which protect other firm’s databeses, outsourcing connected with accounting, maintenance outsourcing and many many others. Huge organisations are pleased that they can hire these sort of workers, for railway companies or air transport corporations maintenance outsourcing can be onr of the best choises.

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