International patents for big and smaller companies

Right now, when our country is part of European Union, live of individuals is far easier then before. We are able to travel all around the continent without permission, we can study or work abroad.

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Prepared by: David Geitgey Sierralupe

Prepared by: Paul Stainthorp

Also businessmen earn a lot because of this membership, not only because they may cooperate with foreign partners, but even formalities are far easier.

Prepared by: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Similar is with European patents, which are very important in plenty of fields, mainly IT. When someone is inventing modern technology and like to take benefits of it abroad, need to register it.

When problem we analized here was interesting and You need to learn more about it, more details ( – it contains entirely another perspective.

Online we could try European patent search browser, to be certain, that nobody else registered that before us. Also, on official site we are able to download every documents required for patent, we have to subscribe all of them and send via e-mail. But large companies that are inventing plenty of ideas every year, can spend a lot of hours with each of those formalities. That is why finest option is to hire special agency. Right now in Poland we can find many of different attorneys, which are skilled in job this kind. They know all about legislation and would proceed everything in our name. To find some proper agency, that will aid us with that, we only have to use our browser. Collate couple of lawyers together, be certain that You are selecting one with skills like that. However before You arrange anyone, go online again and find opinion of his previous customers. Thanks to that we will be certain that our lawyer is reliable.

Everyone can do European patent search, but when You have many of programs to register, You better find some help. In our country plenty of attorneys are fluent on that task, select the best option for Your company.

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