European patent attorneys – why you should contemplate asking for their assistance and what will they be useful for?

european patent attorneys
Prepared by: Les Orchard
A european patent is a protection acknowledged by the European Patent Office. This is a regional process, bringing about a single protection that gathers a bunch of international regulations.

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Real estate market in Poland for business - what everybody should know

nowe mieszkania
At the beginning of nineties, Poland had modify a lot. Many of social districts became commercial, and individuals had a chance to open their own businesses. Because of that, since then, that country is developing all the time.

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Find a proper patent for your invention

european trademark attorney
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Poland is in EU longer then 10 years at the moment, and we may notice, that a lot have changed since then. In present times, we are more cosmopolitan then ever, we have a chance to work outside the Poland, study there, existing.

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